Your Modeling Photoshoot

At our BeautyRox event you will learn professional beauty and anti-aging tips and techniques for taking care of your skin as well as makeup application depending on the event you choose, have your picture taken by the photographer and get to model in the photoshoot, get to share your voice by telling us your perspective on what beauty means to you – how you define beautiful, be a part of getting the conversation started in the YouTube video to speak out about harm against others.
You can choose from some of the more popular events or create your own:
GlamSlam – The women that are modeling in this event will be treated to a glamorous makeover using products to highlight their best facial features
@Play – The youthful women and girls that are modeling in this event will be treated to the fun spirited makeover using the @Play products to add some spunk and sass their best facial features.
Au Naturelle – The women that are modeling in this event will get to be pampered with indulgent products to highlight healthy skin. They will be doing an all natural, no makeup photoshoot
These are some of the fun groups that are also creating BeautyRox events that matter to them:
Mom to Mom – moms joining together to take a stand for mothers that are victims of domestic abuse and/or harm.
Men against violence – men joining together to show their support for beautiful and that women dont have to be in harms way. Men that stand up to people that harm others
Backing with Blue – women of law enforcement coming together to unite in a fight against the harm and violence they see everyday, speaking freely about this matter and encouraging the victims to choose a new path
40 is the new hottie – a fun way to bring women turning 40 this year to unite and leave their mark on their view of beautiful and fighting back against ugly towards others
Sixty and then some – these beautiful women are 60 and up and get to share their insight and wisdom on what beautiful is and what they have seen over time as they get treated to a customized makeover session designed for them